The Main Difference Between Electric Cars and Petrol and Diesel Cars

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EV’s vs ICE

EV stands for electric vehicle, ICE stands for internal combustion engine.

Electric Cars

Electric engines have no moving parts, in fact they only have a couple of essential parts.

What makes an electric car move is based around magnetism. The engine draws power from the battery and this create a magnetic force that propels the car forward.

There 3 primary components of an electric car, they are the electric motor, controller, and battery.

Lithium-ion is the most common battery type used in electric vehicles.

Combustion Engine Cars

In the most simplest way to explain combustion is to say it means burning. It is an exothermic chemical reaction that involves fuel and oxidants. This is what lies at the heart of internal combustion engines. Some of it fuel, some of it air working with a few dozen parts to control the process.

Heat produced as a result of combustion is used to propel a car from its stationary position. This is where the term ignition comes from for starting a car.

What are the Main Differences?

Electric cars are much faster than their combustion counterparts.

This is because electric cars can produce high torque from the get-go, whereas combustion engines reach that torque after gaining speed. It gives electric cars the edge in launch speed and helps reach 0 to 60 in shorter times. The lightweight factor, due to the absence of kilos worth of metal under the bonnet is a major factor.

Maintaining electric cars are much cheaper.

This is because there are not so many moving parts.

You do not need to change oil however on the other hand the biggest cost of running an electric car will be replacing the battery.

You will also have the generic items like wipers, tyres, wheels to maintain.

Electric Car Batteries

Electric cars use Lithium-ion batteries that need a recharge. Due to the nature of Lithium-ion technology, its capacity to hold power reduces over time.

Electric cars over time will return less miles over time.

However battery technology has improved a lot and will continue to do so. Tesla is working on alternatives to Lithium-ion that will even revolutionise smaller devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Better for the Environment

Because electric cars do not use combustion, there is almost zero emission from the tail pipe of the car.

Meaning an electric car MOT does not test for emmissions like on a conventioanl petrol or diesel car.

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