Battery Check & Replacement

Car Battery Checking & Replacement

Expert Car Battery Checking and Battery Replacement in Leamington Spa, Covering Cubbington, Radford Semele, Old Milverton and Warwick Areas

If you suspect you have a failing battery it his highly recommended to get your battery checked straight away to avoid the massive inconvenience it can lead to.

Unable to start your car first thing in the morning or at anytime is something to be avoided.

There is no excuse when obtaining a battery test and check can be done quickly by us at Spa Motors.

Having a battery check is simple compared to other diagnostics yet battery and associated battery problems are the number 1 reason for breakdown emergencies in the UK.

At Spa Motors in Leamington Spa we provide a complete vehicle battery check and battery replacement service from our garage outlet, as a business we also aim to cover Cubbington, Radford Semele, Old Milverton and Warwick areas.

What we do first is to check the condition of your car battery, this includes your battery starting and its charging system, using the latest testing equipment.

This car battery check and test will tell us importantly the current condition of your battery and will help to highlight any foreseeable problems with it.

If you decide to replace your car battery we do have a good stock of batteries at different sizes to provide the power your vehicle needs and within different budget prices.

If you need your battery checked we will give you:

  • A Full Battery Check and Test which will Advise of the Condition of the Battery
  • An Electrical System Leakage Check
  • A Comprehensive Choice of Replacement Batteries

Frequently Asked Questions about our battery checking, testing & replacement

What are the Signs of a Battery Failing?
  • On starting your car and on turnover, the car hesitates and struggles to turn over
  • Engine light stays on
  • Its leaking from the battery casing
  • The cars headlights are dimming
  • The battery has gone out of shape
It is said it takes around 20 minutes to replenish a car battery of the energy taken to start it each time so please be aware of this when regularly stopping and starting.
How Much Does a Battery Check Cost?

Our car battery check and test is free of charge.

If the battery needs replacing there is a charge for the new battery which will also include for us to remove your current battery from your car and replace it with your new one.

How to Find Us

Head for Sydenham Industrial Estate, look out for LED sign on their building then you will see us at 9-11 Longfield Road, Sydenham Industrial Estate, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV31 1XB.

Please see our map below.

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New Battery

Up to 3 Years Warranty

Please ask for specific details
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