Reasons why you need to Service your Car regularly

car mechanic at work
The main reason you need to regularly service you car is it is recommended by the manufacturer to keep it running at its best. By running at its best you will feel happier driving your car and will return the best economy figures and will in turn save you money. Following the manufacturers servicing schedule will increase the chance that your car will continue to run over future years with minimum disruption. Reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and repairs will save you money. If you have a new car then car servicing is mandatory to keep the manufacturers warranty on it. When you sell your car having a full service history will make the car attractive to a prospective buyer and will help in getting the top end of the expected sale price. Also if your car is written off and you can show its full service history the insurer may pay out more than if it hadn’t Make sure you get your car’s service booklet date stamped with a full write up of what was changed.However newer cars now come with no service booklet as its all done online. Where can you go to get your car serviced? There are three main choices when it comes to servicing your car, which are: Dealerships: These are the obvious place for owners of newer cars. You will feel obliged to get your car serviced from the dealership that sold you the new car. There are reasons like like thye know your car, thye specialise in that~ brands car, their mechanics will be trained on these cars, the tools and the diagnostics equipment. However the car owner will pay more for the work done compared to using an independent garage. Independent garages: Independent Garages like ourselves are often considered the place to go once your car is out of warranty for a car service. We are cheaper than franchised dealerships, but also offer a high standard of work. It makes sense to ask an Independent garage up front if they have access to the manufacturer information on what is required at specific service intervals, and if they will use manufacturer-branded or original equipment (OE) parts. Some independent garages will work on a wide range of brands, while others may specialise in one brand or car group, such as the VW Group which includes Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen. Fast-fit High street chains like Kwik fit: There are plenty of these franchises around Leamington Spa, Warwick and Warwickshire area which will offer you fixed price servicing packages from interim servicing to full servicing. Their technicians are similarly trained to the ones you’ll find at independent garages and will work on different car makes. Does using an independent garage to service my car affect my warranty? Some people think you will void your car’s warranty if you don’t service your car at a manufacturer dealership. However, that is incorrect. As long as an Independent garage fit the manufacturers branded parts and use up to date equipment and have the technical information to work on your car there is absolutely no problem and it will not voide the warranty. We offer full car servicing or interim car servicing as well as Mot and Car service package from our Leamington Spa garage. Contact us today to get your car booked in for your Service or our Mot and Service package.
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