How can I tell if my brakes need checking or replacing

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If your brakes are losing their bite when you push down your brake pedal, you will need to have them checked.

Your brakes are the most important safety feature of your car. Your brakes control the speed of your vehicle,is used to stop the car and the brake pedal is the first pedal you
will hit if there is an emergency.

For these reasons you need to make sure they all work correctly together.

Like most parts on your car, your brakes need to be regularly maintained and ideally inspected preferably by professional mechanics to make sure they are working correctly and effectively.

Your annual MOT or annual car Servicing are both opportunities for a qualified car mechanic or technician to review the condition of your brakes. They are able to lookout for warning signs that tell you
your brakes are not in the best condition that they can be.

Here are 5 Signs that may indicate to you that you Need New Brake Pads


1. Squeaking noise.
Many brake pads have wear indicators.
The Wear indicators are metal tabs nearthe top of typical brake pads. When the brake pad itself wears down, the indicator will scrape against the rotor making the squeeking noise.

2. Clicking noise.
In some cars, the brake pads fit tightly into a special holding device and on other vehicles they are kept steady with clips, bolts, or pins.
If they become loose somehow they begin to rattle.
The clicking sound is heard whenever the brake pedal is pushed or released.

3. Stopping takes longer.
Stopping takes longer due to brake fade. This is caused by at some time the brakes have intentionally been applied over a vast distance without bringing the car to a full stop, for example being applied
at times while going down a long hill.
By making the brake pads touch with the rotors for a long, uninterrupted period, both of these elements will heat up.
In this process, their ability to generate friction against each other which is needed is reduced over time. The result of this is that your car will not come to a complete stop as quickly as it used to do.

4. The front of your car pulls to one side when you brake.
Unfortunately your vehicle’s brake pads will not always wear out at the exact same rate. Sometimes, the ones on one side may get thinner faster than the others on the other side.
If this occurs the car may pull slightly to the left or right once you hit the brakes.

Does the brake pedal violently shake whenever you step on it? If so your brake pads might be causing the problem. Brake pads are typically held together with a kind of binding resin. As each brake pad wears down,
this adhesive gets hot and gets smeared across the rotor. Under ideal circumstances, it will form a layer that’s evenly spread over the disc’s surface. But if a brake pad gets overheated, the resin may not be
distributed uniformly and it is this that cause the vibration.

If any of these are occuring bring your car to us at Spa Motors in Leamington Spa.

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