Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are a science in their own rights.  

Depending on the type of vehicle (for example, compact cars, sports cars, SUV/off-road vehicles, vans etc.), the type of drive (front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive) and last but not least the geographical conditions and the individual type of use, the choice of optimal winter tyres can already be an  intensive task. However, the specialists at Spa Motors will gladly assist you with the selection. 

Important is not only the adhesion properties on wet, foliage covered, icy and snowy road surface, but also the much softer rubber compound compared to summer tyres, which always provides optimal grip even at lowest temperatures. Therefore, the use of winter tyres at a certain temperature is recommended, even if there are no more difficult weather conditions. A rough guideline for this is about 7 degrees Celsius. If the thermometer falls below this value, summer tyres can quickly reach their limits, since the comparatively hard rubber mixture no longer provides adequate adhesion.  

When to put on the winter tyres 

Every driver should know the "O to E rule". It says that winter tyres should be fitted to the vehicle from October to Easter. An easy-to-remember rule of thumb that helps you get your tyres changed at the right time. Already, when the first leaves on the trees change from rich green to the typical autumn colours, the trip to the workshop of your trust is appropriate.  

Winter tyres vs. All-season tyres 

Those drivers who put on all-season tyres, don't have much to do with all this. Once attached to the vehicle, they can be driven through the year only with occasional testing and adjustment of the air pressure. All-season tyres are particularly useful when a vehicle is usually not driven much or used almost exclusively in city traffic. Because here the roads are usually cleared of snow regularly - if there ever is snow. However, those who consider taking a winter vacation or are living in rural areas can hardly avoid putting on pure winter tyres. 

Please have a look at the tyre section on our website. Just by typing on the tyre size or vehicle reg. the number and selecting the kind of tyre (summer, winter, all-season etc.) you will find the perfect tyres for your vehicle at the right price. We have tyres for every season, in every size and for every budget available. With your order, you can either book a convenient fitting appointment at our Spa Motors workshop in Leamington Spa - or choose home delivery. 

You will be surprised to see how easy a tyre purchase can be. 

If you need some advice or have any additional questions, please get in touch. Our Spa Motors team will be more than happy to help.