Wheel Balancing

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Wheel balancing

Balancing with maximum precision for optimum running smoothness of your tyres 

Wheel balancing - Spa Motors - Leamington Spa 

If the car starts shaking while driving, there is usually an imbalance in the tyres. By balancing with environmentally friendly weights, this can be quickly remedied. 

Balancing the wheels is indispensable. Both, in the conversion of the summer/winter tyres as well as the appearance of a driving imbalance. Even an imbalance of 10 grams affects the ride like hammer blows on the vehicle. It results in more wear on the car and tyres and fatigue of the driver through a vibrating steering wheel.  

To trigger an imbalance even the slight hitting of a curb or a pothole at an unfavourable angle is enough. Losses in terms of driving safety and vehicle life are almost inevitable if the wheels are not checked and adjusted again. Our Spa Motors experts recommend having the wheel balance checked regularly - or at least when changing the tyres. 

How are tyres balanced? 

Tyres are balanced using small weights, which are fixed to the inside of your rims. These weights compensate for the imbalance on the opposite side. There are plug and adhesive weights; the latter are especially used in aluminium rims. 

How do you measure the imbalance? 

With modern 3-dimensional balancing, we are shown exactly where and how much imbalance your tyres have. To do this, the tyres are clamped in the measuring device and turned. The detected vibrations show how much imbalance prevails and also how many grams of weights have to be fixed to compensate. 

The whole procedure usually only takes our Spa Motors experts a few minutes per tyre.