Summer Tyres

From brand models such as the Contipremiumcontact 5 to inexpensive alternatives, our Spa Motors online shop offers the entire range of tyres that reach you cheaply and promptly - or even better, can be fitted directly at our modern workshop by our friendly experts.  

Supplemented by an extensive range of winter and all-season tyres, you can equip your vehicle with us all year round with the highest tyre quality. Detailed information on the individual articles and our friendly service make your summer tyre selection much more comfortable. 

Summer tyres - experience safety and dynamics 

Every season presents its challenges for motorists. While optimum traction in rain, snow and slipperiness is desired in autumn and winter, tyre compounds must be prepared for the dryness and hardness of the asphalt in the warm season. The right mix not only optimally puts the speed of the drive on the road, but it also increases safety by optimally applying the braking force. It is essential to be able to rely on new or as good as new tyres with a sufficient tread depth. Otherwise, the braking distance unnecessarily extended. This risk should not be underestimated even in summer, because, for example, by a rain shower the road can be slippery. At the latest, if you recognise changes in the driving behaviour or the braking distance unnecessarily lengthened, the conversion to new tyres is unavoidable. Buy your high-quality summer tyres for a fair price from our Spa Motors online shop. Our attractive online conditions and our friendly service will make your tyre purchase a positive experience. 

Brand tyres for the summer season at a glance 

In our online shop, you will find the entire selection of brand tyres from established traditional manufacturers to emerging, international brands and also some budget tyre brands. Our online search engine will make it easy for you to find the right tyres for your vehicle and your budget. For example, find the right summer tyres by typing in your vehicle reg. number. Alternatively, you can enter the specific size of the tyres required, which you will find on your old tyres or in your vehicle registration papers. With just a few entries, you gain an overview of the right range and access brand awareness or price in an oriented manner. By the way: Lesser-known brands with summer or winter tyres at discount prices can also be found here. Since all tyres have to meet the strict regulations of the European Union, these bargains do not compromise on quality. 

Buying summer tyres conveniently on the internet 

You want to enjoy the highest level of safety in all outdoor conditions for the next summer? Now you know where to look for your next summer tyres. Purchase your tyres from Spa Motors and benefit from the attractive conditions at our online shop. We supply you with individual tyres as well as summer tyre sets, which we are pleased to send to your private address or fit them for you at our workshop in Leamington Spa. Our versatile shop also helps you to buy your next winter or all-season tyres, in addition to our huge selection of car tyres, we also carry van tyres, 4x4/SUV tyres, trailer tyres and much more. In case you can't find exactly what you are looking for or need some expert advice, please get in touch with us. 

Our team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.  

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