Shock Absorbers

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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to have a look at our Spa Motors information page. 

Shock absorbers 

They ensure that the tyre has permanent contact with the road surface. This is the only way to ensure that braking distances are as short as possible and that the vehicle does not break out on bends or actually lifts off when there are bumps in the ground. In addition, intact shock absorbers reduce tyre wear and stress on the chassis. 

Here at Spa Motors, defective shock absorbers are replaced quickly and cost-efficiently with excellent quality parts. For a long life, we also build a new dust cover on the shock absorbers and renew the bearings if necessary, because nothing would be more annoying than a major repair just because we have saved on small parts.  


Even in very new vehicles that have been driven only a few miles, it happens again and again - fractures of the springs. These can be noticeable by noise while driving, negatively influence the driving behaviour or, in the worst case, slit the tyre or cause the vehicle to stand uneven on even ground. Sometimes they stay undetected for a long time. However, if you notice noises in the chassis area or if the vehicle is standing askew on a level surface, then you should have it checked at our Spa Motors Workshop before any further damage, or even accidents occur. 

Suspension and steering 

Defects on suspension or steering parts lead in the best case only to rattling noises. These indicate increased game in the bearings. On the one hand, this leads to an imprecise driving behaviour, often detectable at high speed or by high steering play. On the other hand, these defects can also lead to total failure, which can lead to the steering failure or tearing wheels in the worst case. 

If you notice increased play, rattling noises or other irregularities in the chassis or steering area, then please have your vehicle checked by us.  

We will check your vehicle thoroughly, find any defects quickly and repair them cost-effectively for you. 

Your  Spa Motors Team in Leamington Spa