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Oil Change

Even though an oil change is carried out at a professional workshop within a very short time, many car owners still shy away from being able to get it done regularly because they fear high costs for maintenance work.  

But with us, Spa Motors in Leamington Spa, these worries are unfounded:

Our highly experienced team will carry out the oil change quickly and much cheaper than many other garages in the area. 

Why is the oil change so important? 

Many drivers simply do not know why an oil change is so important.  

The oil has two important tasks. It serves to lubricate the engine, especially the valves, thus preventing rapid wear. Also, the oil contributes to the cooling of the engine. Since the heat in operation is limited to a few regions in the aggregate, the oil helps in the redistribution of this heat. Both tasks can only be accomplished if the engine oil and its additives that improve performance are clean and on a sufficient level. In the course of operation, however, it comes to a consumption of additives and to an accumulation of metal particles in the oil. As a result, the lubricating properties deteriorate and wear is increased. 

How often should I get it changed? 

How often an oil change should be made depends on the engine and its intensity of use. Since there may be significant differences from engine to engine, vehicle owners should have a look at the manufacturer's recommended replacement interval in the vehicle manual. It depends mainly on the mileage. Depending on the engine, the oil should be changed every 9,000 to 45,000 miles. In normal circumstances, this means everyone and a half to two years. If the mileage is not reached within this time, most manufacturers still recommend a change. This also applies to new vehicles. In the past, an oil change after the first 600 miles on the clock has been customary, but today experts agree that with more efficient oil filters and perfect matching of components, engine oil is hardly contaminated in the first 6,000 to 12,000 miles.  

If your vehicle is due for a service or an oil change - or if you are not quite sure whether it is due, please give us a call - or even better, come to see us at our Spa Motors workshop. We will have a look for you, and if the vehicle needs a service or an oil change, we will get it sorted for you.