Motorhome Tyres

A motorhome will typically spend more time stationary on the drive in all weathers than actually on the road and as a result the tyres can deteriorate quickly. 

With your tyres being such an important safety feature of your motorhome and your only contact with the road, it is essential that they are maintained in excellent condition and replaced with the appropriate type of tyre for your vehicle.

Motorhome tyres are usually in the ''Light Commercial'' (C) category and are designed to be more hardwearing. This hardwearing structure is to allow for the weight of a motorhome ensuring stability whilst driving. A motorhome tyre is designed with tougher sidewalls to provide rigidity to stop the vehicle moving around and swaying and stronger materials to allow for the higher tyre pressure required.

Before setting off on your next journey, it is essential to take the time to check your tyres.

Keep yourself and your passengers safe – check the condition, tread and age of your motorhome tyres on a regular basis, and especially before setting off on a long trip.

What to look out for:

Condition, signs of deterioration including cuts, sidewall cracking and deformation

Tread Depth, motorhome tyres are legally required to have a minimum 1.6mm tread depth.

Age, it is recommended that motorhome tyres should be replaced every 5 years.

Always fit tyres of the correct specification

Maintain the correct tyre pressure at all times

Do not overload the tyre

Avoid sudden movements when driving

It is important that before every road trip, you check your tyres are safe and legal; contact our tyre specialists at Spa Motors, Leamington Spa for further advice on Motorhome Tyres.