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Here at Spa Motors we have built up an excellent reputation in the Leamington Spa and surrounding areas for our ultra-high-quality exhausts as well as being able to offer an exceptional standard of customer service as well as quality workmanship we know you will be happy with.  Our in house trained technicians are on hand to offer guidance and you can have complete confidence you are in safe hands as we only use the best quality exhaust parts.

Did you know that the cars exhaust not only disposes deadly fumes, but it also controls noise, boosts engine performance and enhances better fuel efficiency? At Spa Motors we highly recommend getting your exhaust checked regularly to ensure it is in tip-top condition. It is vitally important to fix a damaged exhaust as soon as you can as you could be realising carbon monoxide, therefore, jeopardising the health and safety of yourself and other road users During your MOT your exhaust and catalytic converter will be thoroughly inspected so don’t allow your car to fail because of a leaking or damaged exhaust system.

If you are looking to replace your exhaust our team of expert technicians will provide you with high-quality parts and will endeavour to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Here are some tell-tale signs that you may need a new exhaust:

Is your exhaust noisy?

Is it rattling?

A tinkling sound could be related to your silencer.

A chugging sound can indicate a blockage in the system.

A hissing sound could mean a crack in the gasket, pipe or manifold.

If you are at all concerned, then bring your vehicle to us and we will be more than happy to check it for you. We stock a wide selection of exhausts for most makes and models and if we can diagnose the problem early on then you may not need to replace the whole system, therefore, saving you time and money.