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Welcome to our Spa Motors information page about engine repairs and maintenance. 

An engine can be damaged in many ways. One is the so-called piston jamming, most drivers have already heard about it, but even an unknown component such as the camshaft can be responsible if the engine stops running. Here we provide an overview of the main causes of engine damage. 

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, many problems can be detected quickly and cheaply. Often, errors occur that can only be found and repaired by experienced engineers. And that's exactly what our Spa Motors workshop team in Leamington Spa specialises in. If it is for car repairs, servicing or engine repairs, then our vehicle workshop is the place to go. In addition to the repair of your engine, the general engine service is a significant advantage for you - we offer top quality at the best price! 

Maintenance and Care 

Some possible causes of engine damage can be avoided by regular maintenance and careful handling of the vehicle. For example, engine oil should be topped up regularly because it

serves as a necessary lubricant for the engine and thus enables trouble-free operation.

Incidentally, caring for one's vehicle also means protecting it from extreme frost, as the low temperatures can cause condensation to freeze and thus prevent the provision of engine oil. Also, deep puddles and water pools should be better avoided. If the water is higher than the bumper, there is a risk of the engine sucking in water instead of air, which does not do it any good. 

Over-speeding and overheating the engine 

Anyone who drives permanently in an excessively high-speed range ie switches too late into the next higher gear risks overheating the piston, bearings and cylinder of the engine and causing damage. 

For such an overheating of the engine, however, there are other possible causes, such as too long standing with the engine running, too low a cooling water level, a mistake in the coolant system or, with much bad luck, also damage caused by marten bite. Although the rodent is more familiar with its particular predilection for ignition cables, it can also bite through the coolant hose. 

Defective components: Injection pump, camshaft, timing belt 

An internal combustion engine is a complex system in which many different parts provide a smooth operation - or can interfere with each other if they are defective. The injection pump, for example, ensures that fuel gets into the engine. If it is damaged, the fuel supply is disturbed, which can result in further engine damage. 

Of course, there are also other components that can break and thus hinder the operation of the engine. This includes, for example, the so-called camshaft, which opens and closes the valves inside the engine. 

A classic wearing part is also the toothed belt because on the one hand transfers considerable forces and on the other hand is exposed to stress due to extreme temperatures and humidity. If the timing belt tears, pistons and valves of the engine can collide, a significant engine damage is a result. 

Piston and cylinder 

The elementary components of an internal combustion engine are pistons and cylinders. The moving pistons are located inside the cylinders and ensure that pressure is built up by changing the internal volume. Only by this pressure, the combustion of the fuel in the engine is possible. 

Errors in this core area of the internal combustion engine thus have a particularly fatal effect. The dreaded piston eater is when a piston is stuck in the cylinder and stops moving. Then tear off parts, they can destroy the housing of the engine. 

So, regular maintenance and inspection ensure your and other road users safety and prevent long-term major engine damage. Our workshop offers car maintenance, and inspections of all vehicle make. Oil change with high-quality oil protects your vehicle's engine.  

Spare Parts 

Here at Spa Motors, you will find only the best quality Oils, materials and spare parts, which are installed professionally, quickly and cost-effectively by our experienced technicians.  

This makes our company the workshop of your trust. 

Engine repair - costs 

We strive to always offer you an engine service and repair services at the ideal price-performance ratio. The reason why we are able to provide such good conditions for our customers is accurate engine diagnostics, reasonably priced replacement parts and materials, not to forget our very fair hourly rates.  

Call us and make an appointment that suits you at our Leamington Spa workshop! Or just come to see us. After a detailed consultation, we will gladly prepare a quote for you. 

We are confident; you will be pleasantly surprised. 

See you soon. 

Your  Spa Motors Team