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Engine Diagnostic

Do you have a warning light on your dashboard that was flashing yesterday and now is on permanently? 

Let our experts at Spa Motors in Leamington Spa stop this small problem becoming a big problem with an engine diagnostic test. 

Today’s vehicles are manufactured with an Engine Control Unit (ECU), an onboard vehicle computer. This computer continually monitors the complex systems of the vehicle, reporting back to the ECU on any problems detected. Once the scan has completed, our team at Spa Motors can discuss the issues with you and repair your vehicle. 

Why has my dashboard light come on? 

The possible causes for a warning light can range from a very simple issue like a loose fuel cap to a more serious issue with your braking system. 

It may be that a warning light has not illuminated but something just doesn’t feel right with your vehicle. A diagnostic check can run a scan and provide you with the reassurance that your vehicle is safe and that there are no serious issues. 

What does the Engine Diagnostic check test? 

The engine diagnostic check will test your car’s engine control computer (ECU). It will run a scan of the complex systems of your vehicle, such as the engine, alarms, airbags, brakes, bulbs and wipers. 

Included in the test; 

Visual inspection of components related to the warning light 

Complete system analysis 

Research of Technical Service Bulletins 

Pin Point testing 


Once the scan has completed it will then compile a list of problems and provide error codes, allowing the technicians to easily identify the cause of the problem. The system will then clear the illuminated light from your dashboard. 

Our technicians at Spa Motors have the technology and the expertise to diagnose any issue with your vehicles ECU. 

Don’t ignore that warning light! – Get an Engine Diagnostic Check. 

Performing a diagnostic check can save valuable time when investigating a fault on your vehicle and might also bring your attention to any problems with emissions and fuel consumption, which otherwise would be missed. 

In some cases an engine diagnostic scan can detect an issue where there has not been a warning light given. Here at Spa Motors we can diagnose any issue quickly and effectively using our state of the art technology and a wealth of knowledge.