Electronic Diagnostics

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Welcome to Spa Motors. Your car electronics specialists in Leamington Spa.

In a modern vehicle, electronic components often cause a variety of defects, which can often be difficult to narrow down. Helpful is electronic fault diagnostics, which reads the fault memory of the vehicle and thus speeds up the diagnosis. It also avoids expensive and non-targeted repair attempts. 

Our state of the art diagnostic device is regularly updated and can read almost all brands and vehicle types including many foreign car brands (for example, many American vehicles). If the results are ambiguous or otherwise leave questions unanswered, our service agreement with the system supplier allows us to quickly retrieve additional information, schematics, typical weaknesses, or accumulations of errors online, or discuss the issue with professionals, ensuring optimal diagnosis, resulting in a targeted, time economic and thus cheapest possible elimination of the errors. 

Sounds complicated?

It really isn't. Normally it only takes our team of experts only a few minutes to read a vehicle's error memory. Afterwards, we know exactly what to do and where to start our work. It also makes estimating any repair costs much easier. 

Do you have any error sign showing on your vehicle's display?  

Or is there anything that "doesn't feel quite right"? 

Please come to see us at our Spa Motors Workshop in Leamington Spa. You don't need to book an appointment. We will do the electronic diagnostics for you then and there.