Caravan Tyres

As the tyres are the only part of a caravan that makes contact with the road it is essential that the tyres are well maintained and inspected on a regular basis. This is especially important after being stationary for a long period of time and before each and every trip.

Most caravans are generally used during the holiday periods so have a lower mileage usage. Whilst it will take some time for the tyre to reach the minimum legal requirement, tyres deteriorate with age and still require regular inspection and replacement where necessary. Caravans can be left standing for long periods of time in the elements and the tyres become susceptible to flat spots which can lead to a weakening and a puncture. It is advisable to cover the tyres during the standing period or stand the caravan on a jack.

We recommend replacing your caravan tyres every 5 years and never use a tyre that is older than 7 years and remember a tyre will begin to age from the date it was made and not the date that it is actually fitted to a vehicle.

A well-maintained tyre will provide safety in acceleration, braking, steering and cornering and will help guarantee you arrive at your holiday destination safely.

It is also very important that the correct specification of a tyre is fitted to your caravan or motorhome, using the same construction type (radial or cross-ply), on the same axle. The tyres should be of equal size and load index.  It should be a tyre of the same speed rating and with identical wheels. Tyre pressures across all the tyres should always be equal. The same applies to the spare caravan tyre.

We recommend that you carry an appropriate spare wheel for the caravan as caravan tyres and wheels are unlikely to be the same as that of the vehicle used to tow the caravan.

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