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Brakes - The most important safety feature of your car! 

It is without a doubt that your brakes are the single most important part of your vehicle. If your brake pads are worn or your brake discs need replacing, your vehicle simply will not brake effectively. Nobody wants to increase the risk of an accident because the vehicle won’t stop. It is essential to check and replace faulty brake components as soon as you suspect that they might be failing. 

Is it time to get your brakes professionally checked? 

Signs that indicate your brakes may need maintenance or repair: 

A warning light might illuminate on your dashboard 

Noise – Grinding or screeching can indicate a worn pad or disc 

If you feel a vibration in your brakes 

If your car begins to pull to the left or right on braking or begins to shake 

An increase in stopping distance 

Your brake pedal may feel softer or harder when applying 

Typical Braking System: 

In simple terms, a typical automotive braking system consists of interacting mechanical, electronic and hydraulically activated parts. Brake discs are at the front and rear of the vehicle. When the brake pedal is pressed it moves a piston within the master cylinder which in turn forces brake fluid through from the master cylinder to the brake lines, hoses, calipers and through to the wheel cylinders. 

Brake System Components 

Brake pads and shoes are essentially pressed against a rotor or drum creating the friction to slow the vehicle down or stop. It is important to replace these before they reach the metal-to-metal point. 

Brake rotors and drums are attached to the wheel. The component that the brake pads and shoes are pressing against to slow or stop your vehicle. 

Brake callipers (discs) are large hydraulic clamps, comprising of pistons that push outward with the increased brake fluid pressure. This increase in brake fluid pressure forces the brake pad to contact the rotor surface to slow or stop the vehicle. 

Brake Fluid is essential to keep the various components of a vehicle's braking system moving. If you notice that you need to top up brake fluid more frequently you may have a leak. This should be inspected immediately. 

Brake Hoses and Steel Lines transport the brake fluid throughout the components of the vehicles braking system. 

The brake hydraulic system is the initial force which is applied to operate the braking system. This force is applied to the master-cylinder piston, which compresses the brake fluid. This fluid pressure is then distributed throughout the fluid to the front disc-calliper pistons and to the rear wheel-cylinder pistons. 

If your vehicle is indicating that there may be a fault with your brakes it is recommended that you visit our brake technicians at Spa Motors in Leamington Spa to have your brakes inspected. 

We will be able to identify if your brakes are working effectively and arrange replacement parts and repairs if needed.