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We have been fitting and replacing car batteries for the Leamington Spa and surrounding areas for the last thirty years so rest assured that you are in safe hands with us here at Spa Motors.

Having the right battery for your vehicle is vitally important and we keep an extensive range of only the highest quality batteries for your petrol or diesel vehicle all at a very affordable price. The vehicle's battery is like its heart and without it, your vehicle will not have the power to start or move so it is very important to be able to spot the most common signs that it’s time for a replacement.

Here are some useful warning signs that may indicate your battery needs replacing:

When you attempt to start your vehicle does the engine sound sluggish and takes longer than usual to start?

Is your vehicles engine light on?

Have you recently checked your battery’s fluid level? If it is low, then it is time to have your battery checked and tested.Does it look like your battery casing has bloated? If it does, then excessive heat will be the cause and will decrease the battery life.

Is your battery leaking as this will cause corrosion around the posts?

Has it been many years since you replaced your battery? Although a battery can last beyond three to four years we recommend you have it checked.An old battery or loose-fitting battery cables can cause huge problems and make it appear that something really complicated is wrong with your vehicle. Even the most experienced mechanics are often stumped by a simple problem with a battery past its prime. You need not fear this with us at Spa Motors as all our technicians are highly skilled and have a vast amount of experience so if it's a new battery you need then we can replace it for you or diagnose the fault that is preventing the battery from charging.

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